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The publication "Open Debates" aims to disseminate the research and debates initiated and promoted by the Open Think Tank.
Original research and working papers, along with proceedings and records of the Open Think Tank conferences, public meetings and debates are at core of this publication.
The subjects of interest are interdisciplinary and are related to the political, economic and social issues of challenge to Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the entire regional neighborhood.
General and specialized public is the intended readership.
Languages of publication: English and Kurdish.
Publisher: Open Think Tank

Angela Movileanu
Mohammedali Yaseen Taha

Editorial Board
Abdulla Jaseem
Bakhtyar Ahmed
Bewar Ahmed
Faruk Ismael
Hushyar Musa
Nezar Esmat

Transcripts and Translation
Hizel Hidayet
Cover and Print Version Design
Guhdar Salahaddin

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