courses راهێنان

courses راهێنان

Project Proposal Writing: From Idea to Submission

Project WritingPosted by OTT Apr 16, 2017 11:22
What are the key components of a competitive project proposal?
What are the best practices for developing a well-organized budget?
How to make a feasible, effective and efficient proposal?
What to do when the writing gets stuck?
What communication should the project-writer have with the stakeholders, organization team and donors?

Open Think Tank is announcing a free introductory presentation on Project Proposal Writing, that will answer the above questions and more.

The presentation is open to everybody interested in project writing and fundraising.

**Participants interested in developing further project writing skills will have the opportunity to attend a three days course at the beginning of May. The details will be announced during the free presentation.**

The course trainers are Dr.Bakhtiyar Ahmed, Dr.Angela Movileanu, and Dr.Mohammedali Taha

The presentation will be held on SATURDAY, April 22, from 11.00 to 12.30.

**The Venue of the course: ***Duhok Mental Health Center, Diyari St. near Sa'id Piran Mosque**

سه نته رئ ده روونى يئ زاروك و سنيلا

‎تاخئ. ديارى - حي الشرطة

‎سه رئ جامع سعيد بيران

The language of the course is English.


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